Friday, 13 July 2012

Javascript NRI832 now running

I now have a working 'classic' NRI832 emulator (see picture right). It looks the same as the earlier one, but this one actually works.

This is the display after running the multiplication example in the reference manuals.

You can try it out by visiting NRI832 Emulator - Multiplication - the code is loaded in via the query string.  It is calculating 5 x 7 which is 00100011 (35) as can be seen on the accumulator display.

To run it, press the 'Start' button. To change the run speed use the High / Low switch. To single step run it, set the Clock to 'Manual' and press the Step button.

To perform a different calculation put the two numbers you want to multiply into memory locations 11 and 12 using the toggle switches (blue), reset the computer, and press 'start' again

It is a peculiarity of the system that the Start / Step buttons only work when the Clock switch is on Auto / Manual respectively.

It works very similarly to the original (as far as I can tell from the manual). The main differences are that there are 32 'switches' to set program memory rather than 16 as on the original - and there is no disassembly column, obviously :)

The source code can also be downloaded (see the links on the right)

Note that this application now uses cookies - the current state of the memory / switches is stored in a cookie so that if  you refresh the page the current program is not lost.  Please see usual blather about cookies and privacy - the cookie in this application just stores a 64 character string representing the 'program memory'. 

Oh, and it also keeps all your bank account details and the location of all the valuables in your house, and the cookie will sneak out of the computer in the night and strangle you.

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