Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dracula has risen from the Grave.

It lives :)

The video above shows the new improved NRI832. It's running a simple program (see below) at what I think is the speed, about 16Hz (there's a 250Hz clock and 8 fetch and 8 execute cycles).

What happens in the video ... okay, it's not that exciting but it's still better than Gigli.

  1. I press the reset button
  2. The LEDs all blink to show it's alive
  3. The LEDs show the first program byte 00000011 (e.g. LDA 03)
  4. I press 9 (the run button)
  5. It displays the accumulator as it is running, hence the counting effect.
  • 00 LDA 03
  • 01 ADD 04
  • 02 JMP 01
  • 03 0
  • 04 1
I will upload some more demonstration stuff when I can stabilise my camera. This was shot with the hand you can't see holding my Android phone :)

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